12 Bands from Warped Tour 2016 You Should Know

Warped Tour season is upon us. In less than three weeks, on June 24, the first Warped Tour date in Dallas, Texas will be livestreamed across the world. Over 75 bands will play to 40 different cities this summer. The lineup includes some Warped Tour veterans like Sum 41 and Less Than Jake, but the focus of the tour is to shine a light on some newer upcoming bands. Here are 12 bands that you should know about before you head to Warped Tour:

1. Assuming We Survive

Founded in 2007, the band is finally beginning to build a fanbase and name for themselves. They’re along the lines of The Story So Far and Knucklepuck – a punk foundation, with a touch of “softcore” and pop melodies. Their album, All Roads Lead Home, releases the same day as the first Warped show. They currently have an EP and two singles available on iTunes. Imagining what kind of growth they’ve had since them, I’m looking forward to seeing them on stage this summer.
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Warped Tour Interview | Listen to “Better Without You”

2. Bad Seed Rising

This young alternative rock band from Baltimore will definitely be capturing new eyes and ears this summer. The strong, passionate voice of the female lead singer will be hard to miss as you walk past the Full Sail Stage. Their most recent release, A Place Called Home EP, is emotional and honest with a dark edge.
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Listen to “Carry On”

3. Broadside

If you’re looking for a songs you want to scream the lyrics to, then look no further. The quick guitar riffs and loud drums will have you itching to jump into the mosh pit (which Warped doesn’t allow anymore, but aren’t those rules more of a suggestion?). Go listen to “Coffee Talk” and tell me that you aren’t excited to see this band (spoiler alert: you’ll be excited to see them). Their last album, Old Bones, is filled with relatable songs that you need to hear before you go to Warped.
Facebook | Twitter | Warped Tour Q&A | Listen to “Coffee Talk”

4. Hail the Sun

Warped Tour is bringing back some hardcore bands like Sleeping with Sirens and Motionless in White, but they’re also introducing some “new” hardcore bands (they formed in 2009, but this is their first time on tour with Warped). Hail the Sun is a perfect example of where hardcore is headed. There’s still screaming that fans can mosh to, but it also includes some melodies and influences from other genres in order to embrace a wider realm of creativity.
Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Listen to “Burn Nice and Slow”

5. Like Pacific

This Toronto five-piece invokes some early 2000s pop punk melodies mixed with modern hardcore punk. They’ve managed to start making a name for themselves in the large and ever expanding pop punk genre, and touring on Warped will only push their success more. Their latest album, Distant Like You Asked, is angry and loud, but it doesn’t lack the emotional connection that fans will be attracted to.
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Listen to “Richmond”

6. Masked Intruder

If Weezer and Aquabats had a baby band, then Masked Intruder would be that baby band. Their video for “Crime Spree” combines humor and music (so what’s not to love) and I’m curious if they bring that humor with them on stage. Their music is filled with adventure and broken hearts. If you want a break from the hardcore stuff, then swing over to the Poseidon Stage. Their next album, Love and Other Crimes, will be released on July 8.
Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Listen to “Crime Spree”

7. Mother Feather

There’s a certain quality that the band holds themselves with that makes an entrance. It could be all the costume design or the eye-catching makeup donned by the two rocking female lead singers. From leather to bright studded jackets, Mother Feather sends the audience back to the 80s and into what underground New York music really is.
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Listen to “Living, Breathing”

8. Night Argent

As a reward for winning the John Lennon songwriting contest, Night Argent will play the final two weeks of Warped. That said, you shouldn’t be surprised that their lyrical skills are beyond good. The music is alternative, with an Imagine Dragons drumming vibe. My fingers are crossed that they get asked to play the entire Warped Tour next year.
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Listen to “Nothing More Beautiful”

9. Reckless Serenade

Inspired by bands like blink-182 and Foo Fighters, this band has an interesting desire for killer guitar solos and lyrics that will drift you away – until you’re woken up by the hardcore screaming from time to time, that is. Their debut album from 2013 definitely held the angst found in many pop punk bands leaving high school. Their latest single, “Pretty Monster,” showed how they’ve grown since then through polishing their sound and emphasizing the powerful vocals with the strong musical dynamics.
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Listen to “Pretty Monster”

10. Safe To Say

From soft verses in sad songs to loud guitar-driven choruses in angsty anthems, this band has a little bit of everything. Their Hiding Games EP is a great example of that. The vocals are, especially in “Your Favorite Dream,” have a sweeping quality in the verses that turns to shouts in the chorus. With this mix of sounds, the band is sure to keep the audience’s attention.
Bandcamp | Facebook | TwitterListen to “Your Favourite Dream”

11. Sykes

The first time you listen, you might be a little confused – this band is played Warped Tour? Yes. Don’t let the poppy electro sounds confuse you just because the majority of the lineup is punk and hardcore. Remember that Echosmith was recently on Warped Tour, and they attracted huge crowds. If you want a break from the mosh pit, grab a water (please don’t forget to hydrate) and check out this band over at the Cyclops Stage.
Facebook | Twitter | Listen to “Chances”

12. The New Low

Joining Warped Tour a month late (July 19, to be exact), fans both new and old will be able to hear their debut album Continuance live before anyone else. The alternative five-piece from Utah will shock fans with their developed sound and thought-out lyrics considering how young the band is. They’re loud. They’re full of angst and angry emotions they want to set free. What more could you ask for from Warped?
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Listen to “Burning Bridges”

Which band(s) on or off this list are you most looking forward to seeing this summer? This will be my third year going to Warped, but unfortunately the Panic! at the Disco and Weezer show is also that night so I’ll be missing some bands this year. Overall, this Warped lineup is my favorite by far out of the last three years. Feel free to comment about which bands you’re going to see or anything else Warped related!

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*Featured image via Warped Tour’s Twitter


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