Quinn XCII is Taking It ‘One Day At a Time’


One minute the stage outside of Comerica Theater on the night of Viva PHX was nearly empty. The next minute a crowd of high school aged fans rush the platform, eager to get a glimpse of Quinn XCII’s set list. A few of the teens started chanting “Quinn” while the girl next to me gushed about how she couldn’t wait to hear “Kings of Summer.” He’s stayed under the radar for the most part, but Quinn XCII is no artist to ignore and his fans while echo that.

Coming out of the snowy depths of Michigan, Quinn XCII’s sound is a melting pot of various influences, the most prominent being Motown and rap. His songs have a laid back vibe to it through speakers or headphones, but the crowd went crazy every time a new track began. Sporting a yellow jacket and simple black hat, the artist entered and exited the stage to the sound of chest-rattling beats performed through drums and a keyboard. He was constantly interacting with the crowd, getting them to clap along or dance where they stood.

Read the rest of the story here.

Originally published on COTMA on March 16, 2017.


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