Music, true music, not just rock ’n’ roll, it chooses you. It lives in your car, or alone, listening to your headphones, vast scenic rituals and angelic choirs in your brain. It’s a place apart from the vast benign lap of America.

Lester Bangs (Philip Seymour Hoffman), “Almost Famous”

Hi, my name is Nikole. I’m currently attending Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. I’m majoring in journalism with a minor in music. My passion for journalism began when I started writing for my high school’s publication, Roar Magazine. After I graduate from ASU, my dream is to one day work for a music magazine.

The purpose of my little space in the internet that I call my blog is to talk about the (in the true sense of the word) awesome power of music. My posts typically revolve around album and concert reviews. Leave me a comment at any time if you would like me to check out a particular artist, album or song.

Fun facts:

+My favorite magazine is Alternative Press.

+My favorite movie is “Almost Famous.”

+My favorite band is blink-182, and I have the blink-182 smiley (from their self-titled) tattooed on my wrist.

+I’m also known as DJ Nyx on ASU’s radio station, Blaze Radio, where I DJ every Friday night from 11am to noon (Arizona time). You can tune in at blazeradioonline.com .


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